Take the Hassle Out Of Hiring for VP Talent Acquisitions & Chief HR Officers in Fintech, Software,
and Consulting Firms

Senior Level Executives That Fit Right In, Right Away


Having a staffing agency that handles your top Senior Level Executive recruitment properly, helping you cut costs dramatically.


Access to a pool of vetted professionals that integrate right with the team, communicate effectively with decision-makers, and deliver ahead of time.


Striking the right balance between making your schedule work for your candidates – and making theirs work wonders for you.

Dower Personnel Services partners with your brand to deliver on those promises so that you never need to have another staffing problem, ever again.

Here’s Why Hiring Managers Trust Us

We don’t just talk the big game for the hiring managers, company presidents, and CEOs that we work with.
We walk the walk, providing convenient solutions such as:


Quick Access to Reliable Senior Level Executive Professionals

We attract an enormous submission of stellar resumes from Senior Level Executives looking for placements in fintech, consulting, and software firms like yours.
Get instant access to these leading players and start making a difference for your brand today.


Flexible Solutions on Offer

Explore the contract package to fill a short-term role and get the project handled by professionals. Consider the contract-to-hire solution, and you have the chance to retain the pros when they deliver exceptionally.
Otherwise, leverage our unique direct hire placements to fill a crucial role within minutes. It couldn’t be easier or faster than that.


Niche Industry Knowledge

We are not a general staffing agency. Our team and services are dedicated to and curated around the fintech, software, and consulting industries. That way, we don’t force generic options on you but come up with a curated selection of candidates that will excel in the roles you put them in.
Enjoy A Completely Integrated Service Today

Our promise of proper vetting Senior Level Executives  earns us the trust of our partnering Chief Human Resources Officers, Hiring Managers and Talent Acquisition VPs. We go the extra mile to ensure each candidate that we send your way understands the position and will fit your project or company like a glove. Work with DPS and enjoy the added flexibility, scalability, and productivity that you have always wanted around your projects and time-sensitive tasks.