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Staffing for KKI

Dower Personnel Services partnered with Kennedy Krieger Institute, Pediatric Psychology Consultation team to provide PRN supplemental Behavioral Rehabilitation Assistant 1:1 support for KKI Pediatric Rehabilitation unit. We specialize in comprehensive psychological assessment and treatment services for children and adolescents with complex medical conditions. DPS has provided six (6) agency staff members who were trained to provide behavioral management, safety supervision, and data collection services to patients on the Inpatient Unit. Given the complexity of our patient population, prior patient care experience of DPS staff has led to an immediate and positive impact on the inpatient unit.

Shilonda Savage has provided great communication as it relates to patient coverage, documentation questions, and staff concerns. Within the short period of our collaboration, DPS has been a reliable asset to the team, the patients and their families we serve.

To conclude, we are confident Shilonda, and her team can meet the needs and requirements of other facilities.

Mrs. Rasheedah Muhammad


It has been a pleasure working with Dower Personnel Services in filling our Budget Specialist position. Shilonda Savage was very attentive to our company’s needs, quick to respond to questions or concerns and easy to work with. Dower Personnel Services provided a candidate that was great for the position and when they took another opportunity, DPS quickly found a great qualified replacement to fill the role. I feel confident to recommend Dower Personnel Services to other businesses in the future.

Crystal Price

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