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At Dower, we collaborate with dedicated nursing professionals — CNAs, LPNs, and RNs — who aspire to elevate their careers, make a meaningful impact, and explore fulfilling opportunities within the dynamic healthcare industry. Our approach is adaptable, offering a spectrum of options from direct hire placements to lucrative trials through contract-to-hire solutions. You have the autonomy to dictate the terms of your contractual agreements and work on projects that align with your preferences.

Trust our team of top-notch hiring and staffing professionals with expertise in the nursing field to connect you with premium roles that harmonize with your work-life balance aspirations. Our seasoned team excels at what they do, just like you in your nursing profession. Let us be your partner in showcasing your skills to the world through enriching opportunities. Reach out to us today and take the next step in your nursing career journey!"

But That’s Just Part of The Story

Nurses, the heartbeat of healthcare! You may feel that your current role doesn't fully bring out the best in your nursing career. That's why we've handpicked facilities that recognize and truly value the premium skills and passion you bring. At Dower Personnel Services, we open doors to exclusive roles in healthcare companies. Because for nurses whose hearts are in the game and love what they do, your career deserves nothing less than extraordinary opportunities.

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DPS Is Not for Everyone

Our esteemed status among top professionals, including nurses, wasn't achieved by catering to everyone. Throughout the years, the DPS team has selectively focused on specific professionals. If you align with our profile, share your resume with us:

  • You aspire to accelerate your career growth
  • Your goal is to secure top-notch compensation without compromising precious time or work-life balance.
  • You want to work with a company that is flexible and fair.

    If this resonates with you, explore the exciting opportunities within our array of solutions. Dive into our curated positions on the job portal, submit your resume today, and unlock exclusive access to the most coveted job offers from our esteemed partners, ensuring you stay ahead in your nursing career journey.